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Verify all of your payment data seamlessly with automated reconciliation.
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Verify all of your payment data seamlessly 

with automated reconciliation. Identify risks in real-time and supercharge your team efficiency.

Smart transaction matching at scale

Match millions of transactions in minutes with Nilus’ automated reconciliation. Complex one-to-many or many-to-many matching. Increase match rates with smart AI-powered suggestions.

Complete three-way reconciliation

Powerful three-way matching down to the transaction level between internal records, providers, and banks. Follow transactions from authorization to settlement.

Connect data in minutes

Use Nilus’ pre-built data connectors to seamlessly sync, normalize, and match data from your banks, payment providers, ERP, and internal systems with a single click.

No-code flow builder

Easily create reconciliation flows using drag-and-drop tools, preset templates, and auto-suggestions. Configure your own tolerance limits, cutoff times, and fee rules.

Close cases 10x faster

Increase productivity with collaborative case management. Assign team members, track progress, and view reconciliation status in real-time. Auditable change-log included.
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It’s time to put finance first

Future-proof your financial workflows with Nilus and say goodbye to the manual workflows for good.
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