Building the
next gen platform
for money

Moving money is hard, we know.

We’re a team of payment experts who have spent years building money moving products. We know firsthand the challenges of stitching together different payment providers trying to speak the same language.

Up until now, every company has reinvented the wheel and spent significant resources building and maintaining their own solution. That time is over.

We asked ourselves, how can we make money move faster?

Nilus is a new way to build, record, and reconcile money.

We've built Nilus as a modular platform with maximum flexibility needed to support your unique payment flows, while providing seamless automations to keep your company moving fast.
Nilus is empowering the next generation of companies to build advanced payments products faster than ever before. Our mission is to move financial innovation forward faster.
Connected Ledger API
Payment OS
Reconciliation Engine

Built by fintech experts

Backed by industry leaders

We believe that when money moves faster, the world moves faster.

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Our values


We are inspired by bringing simplicity to complexity. We believe that simple solutions always win.

We take responsibility and extreme ownership to always deliver. Trust is at the center of how we operate.

We live by being transparent and honest with our partners, products, and ourselves.