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With one AI-powered platform to automate your cash balances, cash flow, and reconciliation workflows, you’ll always be a step ahead.

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Two sides of the coin. One platform for cash and reconciliation workflows.

See all your balances

View your balances in real time in one dashboard. Instantly view by bank, currency, or entity. With Nilus you’ll have a clearer picture of your financial health.

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Generate your cash flow

Produce cash flow reports in seconds. Nilus auto-tags your transactions according to your categories, so you can analyze your cash flow in real time - anytime.

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Forecast your cash flow

Plan for the future, and make steer the business with forecasting at your fingertips. See anomalies in plain view, and spend your time making decisions - not crunching numbers.

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Automate your receivables

Match your incoming payments to invoices with the help of AI. Drive down DSO by knowing in real-time which invoices are missing. Faster collections, less mistakes. It’s a win-win.

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Reconcile three-ways

Reconcile between your payment processors, bank, and ERP. With Nilus AI at work, you’ll always know the status of each transaction. Without the heavy lifting.

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With Nilus we are finally able to see all our cash in one place in real-time. We see Nilus as a one-stop shop for automating all of our financial operations.

Rotem Landa, Chief Financial Officer at Yotpo

Suddenly, you have a super easy UI to view cash balances in one place. We can move faster and make key cash management decisions today instead of manually gathering real time balances.

Ran Shalev, Chief Financial Officer at Freightos

Connect your data sources, in any format.

Aggregate all your cash data from over 10,000 sources - including banks, PSPs, and ERPs. No engineering required.

Your data security. Our top priority.

Ensure Enterprise-grade protection with SOC 2 compliance and managed user permissions. Leave your logins behind, confidently.

Less guesswork, higher returns on your cash.


Your time savings will get better and better as you scale. Why wait?


It’s time to automate your manual reporting, and focus on cash analysis and business decisions. Agree?


It’s time to automate your manual reporting, and focus on cash analysis and business decisions. Agree?

Do your best work. Drive your company financials.

Work with AI-verified data

Trust the data that matters most, with Nilus AI validating your data.  Leave behind double entries, double work, and second-guessing.

Focus your team on value-adds

Save your team hours in spreadsheets, and avoid hiring for manual workflows. They’ll thank you, and employee retention will show.

Collaborate on one data source

Unify finance and accounting one platform that feeds into your ERP. With centralized data, you can export reports on a dime. Pure teamwork, imagine that.

Steer your strategy with insights

With clear cash visibility, you can make every dollar count more. Decide on new investments, renew deposits, or explore financial products with higher returns.

All your cash data. Always on top. Why wait?

Take a tour of how Nilus works. You’ll get 100x your time back later.

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