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Powerful infrastructure to automate payment and financial workflows for platforms that move money

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Connected Ledger
Single source of truth for all financial data
holistic financial
management platform
Built for

Build sophisticated financial products
faster than ever before.

Whether you are looking to launch an advanced payment product or streamline operations, leave the complexity to us.
Leverage our connected platform to seamlessly support your unique payment journeys across any payment provider.

Connected Ledger API

Automatically build custom in-and out payment flows, launch wallets, split payments and attribute transactions.

Our immutable, double entry ledger works across any payment provider and is built for scale.
Completely compatible with your business logic
Library of templates for faster and smarter flows
Out of the box, single source of financial truth

Reconciliation, hands off.

Move away from endless manual workflows and patchwork solutions. Gain clarity and confidence over your financials.
Automatically verify transactions in real time between external data sources and your products.
Move money faster with real time view of your customers balances
Built in adapters for network files and FBO segregation
Connect and verify pay-ins and pay-outs


Finally one tool to manage everything. Empower your finance and payments operators to collaborate across a unified payment management platform.
Instantly create custom no-code workflows
Alert engine to resolve issues instantly
Live insights from built in financial reports

Integrate with anything, really.

We connect to the financial ecosystem so you don’t have to.
Payment and Crypto Providers
Accounting Software

Built For Developers

Top notch tech stack of powerful APIs, webhooks, and built-in data pipelines that developers love.

Get early access to our API docs and see how easy it is to build and boost your payment stack with Nilus.

Backed by the best

We move financial innovation forward

build superb financial products better and faster than ever before
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