Real time customer and financial ledgers that scale with your business.

Take better decisions, faster

with a unified source of financial truth. Record your financials in ledgers that scale with your business.

Complete financial visibility

Real-time cash balances from rollup financial accounts down to the customer level. Increase collections, optimize provider costs, and minimize losses.

Fully customized to your business

Flexibly set up sub-ledgers to match your unique chart of accounts. Split payments and record fees. Support multi-currency transactions, rewards, and lines of credit.

Bulletproof accounting principles

Record each transaction as immutable, double-entry records. Ensure data integrity and accuracy. Maintain a single source of truth for the organization.

Audit ready & fully compliant

Trace each transaction with complete audit trails and event logs, point-in-time balance reporting and full segregation of funds between platform cash and client funds.

Close the books in days

Sync sub-ledgers to your General Ledger with built-in ERP integrations. Easily post journal entries and adjustments with confidence.
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Automated Reconciliation
Verify all of your payment data seamlessly with automated reconciliation.
Payment workflows
Move money faster with automated payment workflows.

It’s time to put finance first

Future-proof your financial workflows with Nilus and say goodbye to the manual workflows for good.
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